April 10, 2011
The ADD Melange.

In chapter 2 of Delivered from Distraction, the so-called “melange” of contradiction is described as:

  • "high mental and physical energy (coupled with extreme lassitude at times)
  • a fast-moving, easily distracted mind (coupled with an amazing superfocused mind at times)
  • trouble with remembering, planning, and anticipating
  • unpredictability and impulsivity
  • creativity
  • lack of inhibition as compared to others
  • disorganization (coupled with remarkable organizational skills in certain domains)
  • a tendency toward procrastination (coupled with an I-must-do-it-or-have-it-now attitude at times)
  • a high-intensity attitude alternating with a foggy one
  • forgetfulness (coupled with an extraordinary recall of certain often irrelevant remote information)
  • passionate interests (coupled with an inability to arouse interests at other times)
  • an original, often zany way of looking at the world
  • irritability (coupled with tenderheartedness)
  • a tendency to drink too much alcohol, smoke cigarettes, use other drugs, or get involved with addictive activities such as gambling, shopping, spending, sex, food, and the Internet (coupled with a tendency to abstain altogether at times)
  • a tendency to worry unnecessarily (coupled with a tendency not to worry enough when worry is warranted)
  • a tendency to be a nonconformist or a maverick
  • a tendency to reject help from others (coupled with a tendency to want to give help to others)
  • generosity that can go too far
  • a tendency to repeat the same mistake many times without learning from it
  • a tendency to underestimate the time it takes to complete a task or get to a destination
  • various other ingredients, none of which dominates all the time, and any one of which may be absent in a single individual”

I would say that I have exhibited (and do exhibit) many of these tendencies. I would say my most bothersome tendencies are (I have bolded the three that annoy me the most):

  1. high energy/low energy
  2. easily distracted/superfocused
  3. disorganization
  4. procrastination
  5. passionate interests
  6. internet addiction
  7. rejecting help/wanting to give help
  8. repeating mistakes
  9. underestimating time

What are your tendencies? Which ones are most annoying to you?

(Quote from pages 20-21 of Delivered from Distraction: Getting the Most out of Life with Attention Deficit Disorder by Edward M. Hallowell, MD, and John J. Ratey, MD)

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    My personal experience has been with: disorganization at times, creativity, lack of inhibition as compared to others,...
  2. iora-glas answered: It’s so hard to pick just one! Procrastination, followed by anxiety. I feel like a hamster running on a “to-do list”wheel.
  3. heavencent answered: It’s almost scary reading through the list and thinking “How do they KNOW that?!” Hyperfocusing is a hard one to get around.
  4. zaphodbeeb answered: Interesting. I was a patient of Dr. Ratey. I have all of the above, except the drug and alcohol abuse. Even with daily medication it’s hard
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